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You have it backwards...

Do you need motivation or discipline?


It’s about this time of the year where the motivation for those new years resolutions we made has just about vanished. That raging fire and drive to lose weight, gain muscle, eat better or to stop texting that crazy ex of yours, is nothing but a faint fickle of a flame (say that three times fast).


So next comes the need for motivation, which most of us find extrinsically. This leads to a temporary fix from motivational videos, pictures of our goal bodies or whatever it takes. However this is a temporary fix and will not last.


All right by now you probably have fallen into this trap before and if you haven’t then you’re a metahuman and don’t count. But seriously, there is hope for the rest of us. This hope is called discipline.


First lets take a look at the difference between motivation and discipline. Generally speaking in a very broad sense, motivation is commonly based on the assumption that in order to complete a various task that you must “feel” a certain way in order for it to be done. On the flip side of that discipline separates task from emotion and dictates that the task must be complete despite how one feels about the desk. Basically, motivation will help you complete a task once you are feeling like superman, whereas discipline will drive you to do it even if you feel like crawling under a rock and taking a nap for the next decade.



Here are some simple steps to get more disciplined:


  1. Remove temptations.

If your goal is to reduce the amount of sugar you eat then you probably shouldn’t go buy a bunch of sugary treats.


  1. Don’t wait for it to “feel right.

Instead of waiting around until you feel superhuman, jump up within the first few moments and just start working on whatever task it is and soon you will feel superhuman. Promise.


  1. Schedule breaks, treats, and rewards for yourself

Set up a reward schedule for yourself, with your main goal broken down into smaller, easily attainable ones that will help get you into the groove. Then rewards yourself accordingly.

      4. Forgive yourself and move forward


Once you mess up and we all are bound to fail at least once, simply acknowledge it and move on. No need to beat yourself up.


Overall we hope that this small change can help carry you to crush all of your goals for this week, month or the whole year.